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  • Rotator cuff injuries

    The rotator cuff is the name given to a group of tendons that keep the ball of your shoulder joint in the right place whilst allowing strength and mobility. If you play a racket sport a great deal of pressure can be put on these muscles. The rotator cuff tendons can become torn leading to restricted movement and pain.

    A thorough assessment can be carried out by one of our specialist physiotherapists to diagnose rotator cuff injury and a tailor made treatment plan can be produced. Treatment for rotator cuff injuries is dependent upon how severe the tear is and will have an impact on the length of time you will need to be treated for. If surgery is required, physiotherapy before and after will also optimise the outcome of surgery.

    Physiotherapy for rotator cuff injuries can include:

    There are several benefits of physiotherapy for rotator cuff injuries:

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    Rotator cuff injuries

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